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    1 General Provisions .


    1.1 These Regulations specify the conditions for making purchases on the website www.kingamatic.com.pl ;

    1.2 In order to avoid errors when using the services of our shop and ordering , it is necessary to use one of the following browsers : Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera , Mozilla Firefox , or Safari ;

    1.3 The seller is firm King Matic based in Zalasewie ul. Soil 14 , NIP 7773181266 TAX 302 673 691 ;

    1.4 stated in the offer prices are gross prices .


    2 shopping , payment and delivery.


    In accordance with Article 2.1 . 535 of the Civil Code , the seller agrees to transfer to the buyer ownership of things and give him the benefit , and the buyer agrees to pick up and pay the seller the price ;

    2.2 The customer purchasing at a distance, who wishes to supply the goods by courier or Polish Post Office after a bid is requested to immediately send an e -mail:

    - Data for shipping ,

    - Choice of payment ( cash or bank transfer )

    - Choice of courier or Post Office

    - Contact telephone number, which on request will be forwarded to the courier to contact prior to delivery,

    2.3 Each customer choosing how to pay a prepayment on account should be within 3 days to transfer the data : Kinga Matic, ul. Soil 14 , 62-020 Zalasewo


    Account number: 79 1090 2590 0000 0001 2307 7025

    title of payment : name and surname, address ;

    2.4 All goods we try to send within within 7 working days from the date of entering the payment to our account or select cash on delivery and receipt of the complete data for shipment ;

    2.5 Each shipment is carefully packaged and protected , but please check to her condition at the time of the courier receipt and any damage to the goods , please notify the provider that is required to write the appropriate protocol notification - please do not hesitate to report the seller of any defects ;


    3 Termination of the contract .


    3.1 Each customer who made ​​a purchase in order not directly related to economic activity

    or profession are entitled to the rights and obligations referred to the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection

    certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by the product

    dangerous , as well as in the Act of 27 July 2007 on special conditions of sale and

    changes in the Civil Code ;

    3.2 A consumer who concluded away from business premises , may withdraw from it without giving reasons , making a statement in writing within ten days of the conclusion of the contract . To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before its expiry ;

    3.3 In the event of withdrawal from the contract shall be considered null and void , and the consumer is released from any obligations . What the parties testified , is returned unchanged unless a change was necessary in the ordinary course of business . Recovery shall be effected without delay , not later than fourteen days . If the consumer has any prepayments , are from them statutory interest from the date of prepayment ;

    In accordance with Article 3.4 . 5 of the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product regulations on consumer contracts away from business premises does not apply to contracts:
    1 ) a continuous or periodic , concluded on the basis of the offer
    sale or by reference to announcements , advertisements , price lists and other
    information directed to the public or to individuals , if the consumer
    could already familiar with the contents of the offer or information received
    in the absence of the other party , and at the same time in this offer or
    information , as well as the agreement stipulated the consumer's right to withdraw
    the contract within ten days from the date of its conclusion ,
    2 ) the sale of food supplied periodically by the seller
    to the consumer ,
    3 ) generally concluded in small current issues of daily life,
    of the value of the contract to the equivalent of 10 Euro ,
    4) for the construction,
    5) on the property, excluding repair services ;


    3.5 In accordance with Art. 10 paragraph . 3 set of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product right to withdraw from a distance contract the consumer shall not be the case:
    1 ) the provision of services commenced , with the consent of the consumer before the deadline ,
    referred to in art . 7 paragraph . 1 ,
    2 ) relating to audio and video recordings , and stored on computer
    media data after removing the consumer of their original
    3 ) contracts for services for which the price or remuneration depends solely
    from price movements in the financial market ,
    4) The benefits of the characteristics specified by the consumer in
    his contract, or closely associated with his person ,
    5) benefits , which due to their nature can not be returned or
    the subject of which is perishable ,
    6 ) delivery of press ,
    7 ) services in the field of gambling ;


    3.6 Seller shall also respect the provisions of the Civil Code and other Laws.


    4 Complaint


    4.1 Complaints should be directed to the email address : kingamatic@yahoo.com or to the address given above .

    4.2 The warranty claim , please specify whether the complaint is based on the Law

    consumer , whether based on warranty , or using the guarantee , and also please describe :

    - Notification of defects ,

    - Claim

    - Data for which you want to send the answer (of course, if the client wants to keep the form of mail-order ) ;

    4.3 For each complaint will address within 14 days;

    4.4 Warranty are covered by the offer, in which the content of the seller clearly stated that the special offer is covered by warranty , which does not affect ( not limited ) to the other rights of each client.


    5 Confidentiality and privacy .


    5.1 Company Matic King is the owner of all images and descriptions contained in our offers , because it is forbidden to copy them without prior consent ;

    5.2 Any data received from the buyer will be used solely for the purpose of the contract , and each client executing your order is entitled to their view.



    6 Final Provisions .


    7.1 Each client will enable individual right to negotiate individual provisions / conditions of purchase by negotiation of the tender ( in writing ) ;

    7.2 These Regulations seller sends to the buyer electronically in PDF format , and provides a copy to save the content on disk or external media ;

    7.3 In matters not regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code ( and the Code of Civil Procedure) , and in relation to consumers and the provisions of consumer laws ;

    7.4 In order to fulfill the contract the seller is forced to use the available data on the basis of in accordance with Art. Paragraph 23 . 1 item 3 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data , and after the completion of the contract data will be immediately deleted or permanently modified. ;

    7.5 In carrying out the obligation under the Act on Personal Data Protection shall be informed of the content of art . 24:

    1 In case of collection of personal data of the person to whom they relate, the data controller is obliged to inform the person of :

    1) the address of its registered office and its full name , and if the controller is a natural person - the place of his residence, and the name and surname ,

    2 ) to collect data , in particular the well-known him during the provision of information recipients or categories of recipients ,

    3) The right of access to their personal data and correct them ,

    4) voluntary or obligation to provide information and, if such an obligation exists, its legal basis.

    Provision of paragraph 2 . 1 shall not apply if:

    1 ) provision of other law permits the processing of data without revealing the actual purpose of the collection ,

    2 ) the data subject already has the information referred to in paragraph . 1 ;

    7.6 For the purposes of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights is prohibited to copy our pictures and other materials copyright and simultaneously be warned about the responsibility for violations of legal norms arising from the above . act ;

    In accordance with Article 7.7 . 173 and 174 of the Telecommunications Law to inform you that the data contained in cookies during the use of the website online store are collected automatically. Cookies are computer data , especially text files stored in the user's terminal equipment intended for use with websites . These files allow the user to identify the device and properly display a web page tailored to their individual preferences. Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which the storage time for a terminal device and a unique number. Most incorporate the mechanism Cookies are required to use the shop and cart store and the customer panel , because on the basis of the mechanism of the session. Store stores the information in the cookies of areas : id session visitation information store. Data collected using cookies may be collected only in order to perform specific functions for the user . The software used for web browsing by default, allows you to place cookies on your end . These settings can be modified in such a way as to block the operation cookies in the settings of your web browser. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are available in the settings of your web browser. Cookies can always remove it from your computer , and you can also set your browser so that you do not let the above . files - for this purpose , use the web browser settings (for example, by typing in the search phrase " privacy settings for the browser XYZ " ) .



    Zalasewo, on 20/03/2014

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